Why should I work with an independent insurance agency in Sioux Falls?

As an independent agency, The Insurance Connection is able to work with multiple insurance providers so that we may offer only the best from each to our Sioux Falls area clients, depending on their insurance needs. This not only extends to the various types of coverage which we offer, but also their prices. Quite simply, our work means that you will spend the least that you are able to in today’s insurance climate, while still receiving its absolute best. Our ability to compare and identify the best rates spares you the considerable hassle of having to call around to find them yourself, and our insider knowledge gives you access to deals which others would be unable to identify.

The diverse policies which we are able to offer as an independent agency further underscore our value to you. Our many connections let us provide health, life, automotive, and business insurance policies, as well as coverage for any other facet of your life which you deem needs protection. The totality of our approach makes our work truly indispensable.

What services do you provide to your Sioux Falls area clients?

In a nutshell, we do everything to do with insurance that you could imagine. When you first come to The Insurance Connection, we will perform a comprehensive analysis based on your personal needs to determine the areas of your life most in need of protection by insurance. Once we have identified the most cost-effective means of providing you with comprehensive insurance coverage, we will see that it becomes enacted per your instructions.

Should the day come when you would like to file a claim on one of your insurance policies, we will be standing by to take control of and facilitate the entire process on your behalf, from right here in our Sioux Falls office. Insurance claims are seldom made during stress-free times — the peace of mind you will enjoy knowing that we will take the reins is a comfort.

Finally, out of our commitment to keeping your best interests in mind, we are able to remarket your insurance to other companies should we identify a trend of premium increases with one company over another. This saves you money in the long run, and keeps insurance providers competitive for your business.

Who do you partner with to best serve your Sioux Falls clients?

As an independent insurance agency, The Insurance Connection’s primary strength is our established relationships with insurance companies that have regional, national, and global focuses. We have worked hard to achieve such prominent positions with our insurance providers, and these long-term relationships permit us to best serve our Sioux Falls area clients. We often attain coverage and deliver services which are not readily available elsewhere.


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